Rolling box control scheme – The Floor is Lava!

The Floor is Lava / rolling box control scheme
Click the image to try the game.
I prototyped this simple physics based rolling box control scheme using Unity, in only a few hours.
To move the box, you add torque to roll it by pressing the arrow keys or swiping the screen (so far only android devices).
Try to keep the box on the floats and get to the safe platform. If you hit the floor, you’ll lose life.
It feels a bit heavy at first, but it might grow on you with a few other interesting game design dimensions.
Like the controls in Edge, I like the constraints to the three dimensions that it has – not to mention the bonus you’ll get for balancing the box on the edges.
Try out the rolling box control scheme and give me some feedback on it.

Inglorious Skater, NGJ2010

Right now I am totally exhausted after having designed and coded in audio in the NGJ game Inglorious Skater.
There has been a lot of very interesting and funny games here at the Nordic flagship of IGDA’s Global Game Jam in Copenhagen.

There where a number of games submitted this year of which twelve went to through the first voting round:

  1. Disco Donkey Slaughterhouse
  2. Chasing Dots
  3. You Say Jump, I Say How High
  4. Grapple Grapple
  5. Shadow Ninja Monkey
  6. Find Love
  7. Preschool Theater Director
  8. Honeymoon

There where also four juror industry / research representatives that had to pick their favourites (one of them got picked twice, I think… correct me if I’m wrong)

Finally the People’s Award went to the game Only One Can Ride The Donkey.

The theme of the Global Game Jam was  deception and the local constraints for GMT+1 (based on timezones) was that the games had to incorporate the words monkey, donkey, or key (I’m afraid the art of subtlety has been lost; if I hear of a game including any of those within the next year, my head is going to pop).

I’ve noticed a few using XNA or GameMaker, a bit more using Flash but by far, the majority of the games here where created with Unity.