Simplify Game Development: Toy

The toy is one of the fundamental concepts of a game. If the toy is not fun to play with, why would anyone ever play a game?

Simplify Game Development: Concept

A clear concept need to be defined along with the intended level of quality that the game has to fulfill for narrative, game and play.

There are many ways to get ideas. These range from getting a revelation while walking down the street or doing the dishes, to working structured with tools and methods in collaborative sessions. I like to capture as many ideas, tell as many people about them as possible, and formulate the ideas so your peers can easily understand them.

Simplify Game Development

Reflections on game production in a set of articles. The aim of this article series is to provide a simplified guide to small game productions.


Rolling box control scheme – The Floor is Lava!

I prototyped this simple rolling box control scheme using Unity, in about 2 hours. I wonder what may become of it if I put more time into it. To move the box, you add torque to roll it by pressing the arrow keys or swiping…

Medium Distance Relationship

Click the image to play MDR… Medium Distance Relationship is what my team and I named our contribution to Nordic Game Jam 2011. edit: I came up with the interesting rolling control mechanism, which I experimented a bit on later in my prototype of a Rolling box control…

Inglorious Skater, NGJ2010

Right now I am totally exhausted after having designed and coded in audio in the NGJ game Inglorious Skater.
There has been a lot of very interesting and funny games here at the Nordic flagship of IGDA’s Global Game Jam in Copenhagen.

QA Specialist in Unity Technologies

For a few months I have been working at Unity Technologies as QA Specialist, handling the publicly submitted bugs reports. I am very proud (even lucky as I have just graduated) of being a part of one of the worlds leading teams in game development….

Game programmer

Back on the blog. Some 3d doodle guys from the DADIU projects I did have started a small game company called Sapling. Another programmer and I are going to help them create some code that make their great graphics come to life. For now we…

Audio and game programmer at DADIU’s Exodroid

While doing my MSc in Medialogy, I took part in two productions at DADIU (Danish Academy for Digital Interactive Entertainment). My second production was Exodroid and was made in Unity using C#. This production took place in March 2009 while I was writing my master…